10 Things Every Website Should Have

The internet is a huge space, in which for the user its not so hard to get lost.  So, if the user reached your website its already a good beginning, and you just need to hope that your content will catch the user. Website beckymollenkamp.com gave us couple advices, what every website should have, to look different and to be more attractive to the customers.

1. Clean and modern design

Internet is changing every day and together with him is changing internet websites standards. The Font which is to big or the text which is barely readable, winking elements and the other confusing stuff is a history. If the user comes to website like this, believe me or not he will not be going to last there long. So that also means that you just lost a potential customer. Maybe you will think that the website like this is better than no website at all, but by the end of the day it’s just going to affect your business badly.

2. Main information about your business

Probably there is no such a business in the world, which in business website would not provide the most important information about business like:  phone number, email address, office address, working hours etc. But there is a common mistake, when this information is hidden, and the user must put a lot of effort to find it. What do you think which customer will buy more – Happy or Annoyed? That kind of information must to be provided in the most visible place of your website. If your information is in correct space once customer face a problem, he will not close your site but instead will use your email or phone number to get a consultation.

3. Website is mobile-friendly

Do you know that more than 60% of internet users, browsing with the smart phones or tablets in place of personal computers. If your website is not mobile responsive, you might go to lose your potential customer, because for them its not going to be easy to reach your content, in outdated website. Even worst if your website is not mobile responsive you not going to be listed in google search engine. Since 2015 google search engine update his algorithms, since than all the websites which is not mobile responsive is not going to be listed on google. Probably we no need to tell you how important is google search for your business.

4. Unique and relevant content

Website content is very important. Good content not only increasing your chances during SEO optimisation, but also it helps to keep users’ interest in you. If you going to create a content just to full fill your website, but the content will no relevant, users will just simply not be going to follow you.

5. Social network links

It’s difficult to imagine business which don’t have an account in any of the social media platforms. Social media nowadays is one of the best ways to create your brand image online and it also helps to better communicate with your existent customer or just simply to find a new one. Sometimes the user will start search in your website for social media links, it’s the reason why they must to be provided in the good visible locations of your website.

6. High quality illustrations

Imagine if in your website nothing would exist apart from text. If you would ignore some of exceptions, that kind of solution doesn’t look very attractive. Full fill your website with illustrations which are related to your business, like photos of your products or services. In the contacts section don’t put just a bold text with your address, you can simply post the picture of the building where you can be located. The most important thing is to understand that the photos of your choice must to help reflect your business and answer some of the questions for the users, in place of giving them more reasons to ask them.

7. Simple and easy reachable website navigation

Navigation menu is the part of your website, which helps people to move through different sections of your website. Don’t bother your website visitors with unnecessary links and provide only relevant links in your navigation. Less relevant pages you can always add to secondary navigation menu, somewhere apart from the main one.

8. Links which helps the user to take an action

If the user is in your website, most of the time he has a reason to be there. In visible parts of your website add links and buttons which would help for your potential customer to take an action. For example: Contact us now, share on social media, sign up for newsletter, buy now or Book now.

We hope that know everything is clear and you know what you would like to have in your new website. All of this and much more we can offer for you and help the vision to meet reality. Contact us now, and we will have a chat how we can help you out.