Do I Need a Website for My Small Business?

Around 10-15 years ago, if you were willing to buy service or product, you meant to go to physical shop. Times changed and technologies improved a lot. Nowadays, all the stuff which we want, we can find online and order it with our smart phones or personal computers. Business must to adopt to all the market changes.

Biggest sharks in the market already successfully taking the advantages of new innovations, however the small businesses are still afraid of the changes and they are not so quick to follow and take advantage of the new technologies.

Website gave couple of reasons why the small businesses owners which are willing to succeed, must to take a lot of attention on the company website.

1. Your potential customer is looking for the information online.

Six out of ten customers are expecting, that the brand in which they are interested will provide information about them self’s online. It means, that if you don’t have your own website, most inpatient customers will look for the services by your competitors, which already probably taking advantage of the modern and representative website.

2. Your customers looking for a review

Nine tee percent of the users are saying that the reviews which they found online helps them to decide which product or services to choose. If they already found you online, they will be interested to find out what your current customers thinks about you.

3. You are the ones who makes the history

The content which users will post about you in social media, it’s not easy to control. But everything is completely different in your website, where YOU going to create the whole image of your business. Business blog will give you an opportunity, to regularly inform users about company vision, targets, mission and the products or services which your company is offering.

4. Your competitors already have modern website create a survey to find out internet users’ behaviour. They were collecting data, what the user does after a research online about a products or services. 72 percent of the users is looking for reviews, user guides and prices online. All this data they are comparing with competitors which are offering same or similar product or services. If you don’t have your website our personal space online, you just simply loosing your potential customers to your competitors.

5. Your business hours not suppose to be a limit for your potential customer.

Nobody wants to work till 3 am in the morning, but believe it or not, some of the users loves to do shopping exactly that time. If you are selling your products or services online, sign “CLOSE” simply does not exist. If your business is orientated to salles results, to move part of your business online can be the best decision you ever made. It can increase your sales significant in no time.

6. You will be visible on Google search engine

What does it means concept of “User does the research oline before choosing a product or services”? It means, that most of the time they using Google search engine. If you don‘t have a website for your business or something else in world wide web, your chances to be visible  in google search results is equal to zero. Can you imagine how nice it would be if the user during the research online would find your company and products or services which you are offering on the very top of the list.

7. If you don’t exist online – you don’t exist at all.

Did you ever hear about this phrase? There is a lot of true in this phrase, so we don’t think that we need to explain why. Internet gives you an opportunity to advertise your business effectively and with the low-cost margin. If the physical shop is most of the time advertised locally for the people which lives nearby. Online shop is completely different story and it can be reached worldwide.

We hope, that this article helped you to make a right decision and you already have a vision how your brand-new website will look.  Send us an email tell your vision. Even if you are not sure yet – don’t be afraid, we will help you to solve this dilemma. We will create a professional website for your business from the scratch.