Things which internet users doesn’t like in websites

If your potential customer is visiting your website, you have a very short time to impress the customer with your services or products. If your website looks clumsy, and even yourself getting lost in it often, its time to think how everything looks from user point of view. Only clean and clear provided content will help the user to have a nice browsing experience and they might will buy your product or services.

Here is the short list of the most annoying things for the users:

1. Your website loads very slow

When the website is overloaded with information, its hard to process all the data quickly. Almost every second user of the internet expects that website will load fully in around 2 seconds, four out of ten websites will be closed by the user after 3 seconds of waiting. So, if your website loading time is big, it can become for you a loop on your neck. Luckily, there is a lot of solutions which can help you increase website loading speed. For example, changing hosting providers or code and images optimisation.

2. Your website is not mobile-friendly

If your website was developed 10 years ago, we are hundred percent sure that it’s not mobile responsive. Do you know that more than 60% of internet users browsing online with smart phones? If your website is not mobile friendly, you are losing your potential customers, because for them its not going to be easy to reach content in outdated website. The worst thing if your website is not mobile responsive, that you not going to be listed on Google search engine, in this case you just not going to reach your potential customer.

3. Your website is overloaded with ads and pop up windows

Sometimes pop up windows can provide additional effect for the customers. For example, before closing your website tab in the browser, pop up will show up with an instant deal offer. But in most of the cases its very annoying for the customers. Just think that somewhere online will be a similar website, which will offer the similar products without annoying ads or pop up windows. They might will steal your potential customer.

4. Your website is stuck in previous age photo photo

We are really hoping, that your website doesn’t look like the one above.  But if it looks it’s the best time to do changes. This website was developed 11 years ago. If you would compare with nowadays design and code, you can see clearly who is ahead. Winking gif pictures, bright colours on another terrible matching colours and all other stuff which reminds 90s. Just say NO to dated website. If you still have a questions, whats wrong with the website above, just get in touch with us.

5. Stock Photos

Did you notice, that the same woman advertising café, gym, hotel and other thousands of different businesses. The reason why, because a lot of businesses choosing the same stock photos to fulfil website content. If you have an opportunity to use original photos – just do it, otherwise your business is in risk to look fake and not attractive.

6. Automatically playing music or video clips in your website

Everyone of us had a weird experience, when one of the thousand open tabs in the browser started     to make weird noises. Good luck to find it from which tab, the sound is coming from. We can bet that this thing annoys you as well. So, think about this, if you don’t like it why you must to annoy your customers with that? Just remember, to close the tab with weird music is much quicker than look for volume down button.

7. Two Websites Syndrome

Maybe from the concept is hard to understand what it means, but we are sure that you already been in situation, once you are browsing in the website and trying to open e-shop or discussion forum. And immediately you been transferred to completely different platform, where you need to sign up and login again. Its not just annoying but also it looks very unprofessional. Nowadays to develop everything at one place with the same content management system its not so hard and its not requiring a lot of resources.

We are hoping, that you understood which mistakes can be critical and you not going to repeat them. If you want to get rid of the headache, just leave this job to us and we can guarantee that you will not going to be disappointed.  Contact us now and wee discuss together, how your website should look.